5 Bartender HACKS: Working With Your Barback for Increased Tip Averages

It takes more than just great bartenders for a bar to run smoothly. Your relationship with your barback is critical to the success of your shift together, and chances are, you aren't making the most out of this relationship. These hacks focus on building trust and rapport with your barback so you can have a friendly and profitable relationship. This is someone who you’ll be spending a ton of time with… A great bartender-barback relationship will not only make this time way more enjoyable... you'll both make a ton more money!

In this freebie, you’ll learn:

  • How to foster a productive working relationship with your barback
  • How to be a leader and address weaknesses in the service your bar provides
  • How to be confident and instill confidence in your co-workers
  • How peer relationships impact your tipped percentages

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